Friday, 20 July 2012

Map envelope, and reply

One of the letters I received last week was contained in a self-made envelope out of a map.
I haven't visited that part of Germany, though the letter comes from The Netherlands!
I was searching for something to send with the reply....
and came across some used stamps I had bought from an RNLI (lifeboats) charity shop. There was an Emmerdale stamp.
Here are some jolly or pretty stamps I like.
And these were some of the stamps issued for the Millennium (issued 1999/2000)
And these are some postal themed ones I found. Top Left- "Sir Rowland Hill was awarded the first RSA Albert Medal in 1864 for his postal reforms and the introduction of the Penny Post", next is a picture of him, then the stamp celebrating Royal Mail's 350 years of service (London), then Top Right is a stamp for the Postal Telegraph & Telephone International World Congress. Bottom Right is another picture with Sir Rowland Hill (1795-1879). Are there any more stamps out there with Sir Rowland Hill?

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  1. Ooh, lucky recipient! I hope he/she uses them wisely....