Wednesday 9 May 2018

My Postcrossing anniversary - my 10th.

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of me joining Postcrossing. I joined because I wasn't getting replies from people I had written to via various penpalling sites. Many profiles there mentioned Postcrossing so I got curious. I sent postcards, always trying to keep my full allowance going. I joined their forums and participated in many Round Robins, as well as starting a couple of my own RRs. I was sending loads of postcards every month. I even joined the big monthly RR. I think what got me was when Royal Mail hiked up postage from 68p to 87p. I felt betrayed, I still do, and postage is now £1.25. When I started, I think postage was 50p to Europe.  I was in the top 10 UK Postcrossers, however, with last actively sending about 4 years ago, I slipped down the rankings. I did send a few postcards out last year, not many.

So, in celebration, I wrote 24 postcards (not my full allowance) yesterday. Some caught yesterday's collection, and some went today.
 I will always be fond of this site, the idea to connect people around the world via the simple postcard, in a time of digital communication. However, I still prefer correspondence via letter than postcards, although I do like postcards.