Thursday 18 December 2014

Season's Greetings

I realise it has been a while since I last wrote here. I have still been writing letters, some taking longer than others as I write mostly in cafes (my writing bureau currently is being used for storage - there's some letters on it, a dictionary, a hair brush, pocket tissues,some sticky tape stuff, writing paper and stickers..... I need to relocate the stuff). I also have started a diary, and this has sometimes taken precedence.

I intended to make some envelopes out of Christmas paper again this year but only made a couple. Still, hopefully they have brightened up the mailbox. I have been a little late in sending some Christmas cards overseas. I posted one to the US, one to Germany, and one to the Netherlands at lunchtime today! I also just managed to finish a letter to the US, but I forgot to enclose it in the Christmas card. I only realised after I had posted the card! Oops. Did that earlier today too to a UK penpal (I think), but that was just a short note saying I'd reply either over the festive period or in the new year.

I am still reading To The Letter. I received it as a present last Christmas, so maybe I will have finished it by Christmas 2015! I have been using clear highlighter tab things at interesting places. I am currently in the chapter titled, "Why Jane Austen's Letters Are so Dull (and Other Postal Problems Solved)"