Monday 4 December 2017

December and Christmas

Where did the time go since my last post?

Last month, I started to send out Christmas cards to my international penpals. 

Trip down memory lane with those toy stamps. I wasn't into reading comics as a child. 

I remember watching the first three Star Wars films as a child. 

I enjoy the music of Pink Floyd. I also like the television series and films based on Agatha Christie's stories. 

 One thing that is annoying me - the majority, I think, of charity Christmas cards are square. In the US, there is a non-machinable surcharge for sending square envelopes. There isn't such surcharge yet for the UK, but there are already problems - which way up? This actually was postmarked on the back and at right-angles to the way up. On the front, sadly the stamp was cancelled with biro..