Thursday 29 November 2012

already posting festive things

I have been making some envelopes from festive paper (not wrapping). I have sent a couple of cards with letters out in them. I hope the two I am showing here arrived safely at their destinations.

Friday 9 November 2012

Is it too early to say Merry Christmas?!

On Tuesday of this week, Royal Mail released their Christmas Stamp issue. 
I only bought the overseas values, 87p, £1.28 and £1.90. I should still be able to buy first and second class festive stamps at my local post office. I have already received (in October) my first Christmas card from a penpal, but I only brought down the Christmas cards from storage this week. I will post today a letter to the US with a Christmas card! The first one for me to send this year.
That envelope, I sealed with one of these festive seals I found in a card shop, sold at a very reasonable price and I bought loads! Each pack has 24 stickers! They won't all get used this year! The snowflake ones I suppose I could use during the rest of winter...

Monday 5 November 2012

Fireworks tonight!

Last night, went to a fireworks display at the local football club, nice display.

Received a nice letter today from a penpal in Germany.

October stats:
Posted 15 letters
Received 13 letters (up until 27th October)

Saturday 3 November 2012


I have been on holiday and came back home to 3 nice letters. I also wrote some letters while I was away on holiday. I will work out how many letters I have sent/received for last month, shortly.