Thursday 28 February 2013

March tomorrow

Well, today marked the end of the Lettermo challenge for 2013. I managed to send something on every postal day. I celebrated some Lettermo penpal first anniversaries,  hope not only to take those to a second anniversary and beyond, but to make new first year anniversaries with Lettermo people from this year.

January stats:

Out: 15 letters
In: 17 letters and 49 postcards

February stats:

Out: 30 letters, 8 postcards.
In: 22 letters, 4 postcards.

Sunday 24 February 2013

Lettermo continues

I haven't forgotten about this blog. I have been busy writing letters and doing other things... I have celebrated the first anniversary of a couple of correspondences started with Lettermo 2012. I hope to have more anniversaries with them. I hope to have new first anniversaries to celebrate next year with a few more Lettermo people. I will have at least 2 letter replies in the post on Monday to surprise letters. I wonder how many more I will get. One letter I sent crossed with one received. I hope mine gets there soon. Still time to sign up. Many of the new people to Lettermo have expressed willingness to continue writing letters in March and beyond.

A Month of Letters

Sunday 10 February 2013


It is the month of February and the Month of Letters Challenge over at Lettermo. I am keeping up and even made the morning collection from the post box on Saturday. Last year, I made a couple of penpals through Lettermo and wonder how many new letters I will receive. I have written letters to some Lettermo people and look forward to making new penfiendships penfriendships. I received something last week via SendSomething and have already written a reply to be sent on Monday.
January was quite a quiet postal month for me, I had a nasty cold and didn't feel like replying to many letters. I caught up, but only a few were written past my ideal fortnight deadline (next deadline is to send within a month of receipt). I'll try to remember to write the January stats in my next post (hopefully this month).