Tuesday 25 August 2015

Five Questions, Five Letters monthly challenges

I had been contemplating an easier (!) postal project than InCoWriMo/LetterMo, one that should be easier to complete. I came up with 5 Questions (you want answered), 5 Letters (you'd at least send answering their questions) in a month. I had initially thought to have the challenge for one month only, but there were people coming to InCoWriMo/LetterMo late so why should they miss out. You don't need to take part every month, and existing correspondents could ask/answer questions too. The challenge is being hosted by a new penpalling/correspondence forum called A World of Snail Mail

So far, the wording I have for the challenge is:

Have you ever wanted to write to someone but found it difficult to know what to write in yours letter? Well, this project could be for you. You could leave your address (or request people to ask via private message) in a thread plus 5 questions you would like answered. Then, you can pick (at least) 5 people (you can include current penpals & correspondents in that number) to write to and answer their questions. It would be nice if letters could be replied to, or at least acknowledged.


Q. Who can see my address if I put it in the thread?

A. Only those who are logged in to the forum can see the Five Questions, Five Letters thread for the month.

Q. What sort of questions can I ask?

A. Anything. They can be trivial, e.g. “Which way do you stir the tea in your cup?” to things more ‘serious’, e.g. “Do you live near where you spent your childhood?”

Q. Can I write more than the answers to the questions provided?

A. Of course. You can even ask questions of your own.

Q. Can I ignore questions?

A. Well, you can say that you do not want to answer the question. Answers can also be brief, even one word Yes (or No) answers.

Q. What should I do when I receive a letter?

A. Read it. Then acknowledge the letter. You do not have to write back, but it is a courtesy to thank the sender.

The challenge for September is open and someone has already put their address and 5 questions up for answering.

Monday 24 August 2015

Does age matter?

Over on A World of Snail Mail, someone posted a question about whether age matters for penpal compatibility. I've noticed while browsing penpal ads on a number of sites that people ask for penpals near their age, +/- a few years difference, no one over 50 (because they couldn't possibly write to an old person), or to young people (what would they have in common?), etc.... Personally, I have no problem with age, or even gender (another can of worms for some) for penfriendship.

Tuesday 11 August 2015

A World of Snail Mail - forum

The new forum at A World of Snail Mail is gaining new members and discussions. There is talk of making envelopes, a new project for October, paper and ink, what to enclose with letters.....

I was looking at an antiques guide book and came across some strange looking things. Among them, are...
Antique novelty inkwells. The one on the right is part of a writing compendium. 
Can you imagine putting ink in the owl-well to dip your pen in and write wise words?

Thursday 6 August 2015

Stamps and seal

Recently, I received a lovely letter sealed with....
 a dragon serpenty thing.
 I like these stamps from the Netherlands.
I've not seen a non-machineable surcharge stamp before

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Postage paid envelope

I don't see many envelopes with postage pre-paid. I did like one I received earlier this summer from Australia.