Tuesday 24 June 2014

Possibly annoyed with myself

Yesterday, I posted two letters. Today I also posted two letters but when I was deciding which stamps to use, I have a niggling feeling that I did not put enough postage on one of yesterday's letters.... putting a first class stamp on instead of a £1.28 (the Great British Films Issue).... I should find out tomorrow... If I have put insufficient postage on, I will be annoyed but hope Royal Mail return the item to me to rectify it.
This will be the first time I've done something like this.... although I have had post returned because a stamp has fallen off (was on a shiny envelope) or when they looked at the back of the envelope where I used to put my address label as sender with them saying insufficient postage (now, I put my address label in top left corner on front of envelope, or write it at the top on the back of the envelope).

Edit - 26th June 2014... no sign of the letter being returned, so perhaps it did have correct postage on. The letter was either off to California or to Minnesota...

Monday 16 June 2014

Bits and bobs

I sent 3 Postcrossing postcards this month so far (I know, it is not many....). I got absent-minded and forgot...
 ... the price of postage.... I had grabbed a 2p stamp instead of 5p.... so had to use another 2p and 1p for postage. Still, the postcard reached its destination OK.
 I am in the middle of a reply to a correspondent in Japan. She used this cute kitten stationery.... but I'm a little bemused at the saying by the feline... "Being relieved will improve human relations."
I am a fountain pen user and was curious to see a nib on the box of printer ink.... I wish it were a variety box of Diamine fountain pen inks instead! 

Sunday 15 June 2014

May stats

Sent - 14 letters. Received - 17 letters/postcards.

I have been finding myself being busy doing other things and there's been some nice weather so have also been spending time in the garden (not writing letters). I am working through my pile of letters, posted 2 yesterday, and have a letter in progress I intend to post tomorrow. I may be able to get another letter written while the football is on the radio (I do not have a television). 

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Size of stamps

Last month saw the release of a stamp issue celebrating Great British Films...
 However, the size of the stamps is rather large. This is a first class stamp on a C6~ish envelope.
 For the first rate of International airmail, there is not a lot of spare room for the make-up value stamps...  Imagine using this issue on postcards.... and there isn't a nice 97p stamp on the horizon. 
There is just enough room to use two of the first class stamps plus additional postage to for the next weight band of airmail, although there are stamps in this issue for £1.28. 
At least the next issue of stamps, this Thursday 5th June, and all first class, should be of a more convenient size...

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Little extras.

Look what I treated myself to over recent weeks and months....
 Various deco/patterned and sticky tapes, plus ....
Wax seals and coins. One set of coins is interchangeable with a handle.
This is one of the new seals, a snowflake. One of my better attempts at not setting fire to the envelope!

Not all of the letters I send will be sealed with wax, because Royal Mail has now brought in a size limit on international letters and I'm worried a thick seal could take me over the thickness limit of 0.5cm.