Friday 27 July 2012

Another quiet mail week

I didn't receive much post this week, though I did get a few letters, 4 from the USA, 1 from the Netherlands and one from across the border in England!
I did post some Postcrossing postcards though, but due to a small threat of rain, decided to post them in an indoor postbox (we don't want our post to get wet!).
Most items of mail I post are posted in my hometown though they probably are not postmarked from here.

Friday 20 July 2012

Map envelope, and reply

One of the letters I received last week was contained in a self-made envelope out of a map.
I haven't visited that part of Germany, though the letter comes from The Netherlands!
I was searching for something to send with the reply....
and came across some used stamps I had bought from an RNLI (lifeboats) charity shop. There was an Emmerdale stamp.
Here are some jolly or pretty stamps I like.
And these were some of the stamps issued for the Millennium (issued 1999/2000)
And these are some postal themed ones I found. Top Left- "Sir Rowland Hill was awarded the first RSA Albert Medal in 1864 for his postal reforms and the introduction of the Penny Post", next is a picture of him, then the stamp celebrating Royal Mail's 350 years of service (London), then Top Right is a stamp for the Postal Telegraph & Telephone International World Congress. Bottom Right is another picture with Sir Rowland Hill (1795-1879). Are there any more stamps out there with Sir Rowland Hill?

Thursday 19 July 2012

One out

No letters came for me today, but I did post a letter!
One of these pillar boxes ate the letter!

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Llandudno Head Post Office

At the weekend, I went out shopping in a little Victorian coastal town of Llandudno on the North Wales coast.
I didn't have any letters ready to post (it had been a quiet mail week), but I thought I would take a picture of this postbox I saw. It has seen better days though.
It stands in front of the main post office in the town, quite an impressive building. It was opened in 1904, and had Grade II listed status.
This is the plaque commemorating the architect. 

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Quiet week

Last week, was a very quiet week for mail, only receiving a couple of letters and postcards. Also, I didn't write that many letters, and the weather was also not nice. For times when it rains, if I brave the weather, I post my letters in a postbox in a supermarket,
like this rather shiny one.

Tuesday 10 July 2012


Last night, I wrote my first ever but nice fan letter to an author I admire, "love" and read. When I finished the letter, I felt oddly silly, childish, but I am not a silly little teenager with a crush writing to heroes/heartthrobs in film, TV or bands: I am a grown woman with a family of my own. What would my letter achieve? It probably wouldn't get read by the author, so what was the point? I feel bereft as if I have lost something [did I have marbles to begin with?] of myself.... Perhaps it is like unrequited love, giving but not receiving. Did I expect to receive anything in return? Do I want something in return? I write letters, letters that are bits of myself, to prospective penpals hoping to get replies and develop penfriendships, but if I do not receive replies, those bits of me are lost.
I nearly didn't put a stamp on. I did however affix one this morning. I nearly didn't post it when I was out in town, but I did. Even after posting, I didn't feel happy: sending nice mail is supposed to make me happy. Am I just being silly, feeling this way? Have you ever written fanmail (and have you received anything in return)? I'm not sure I will do so again. If I receive anything in return, I will let you know.

Friday 6 July 2012


I like to buy a daily paper, but it was raining. Still, I fancied some fresh air so wandered out. I bought my paper and went to a cafe to read it and then write letters, relaxing with a cuppa.
It is a bit wet out there. The rain still coming down....
Then it was time to venture back out... I took a rest in a bus shelter... With all this rain, I was in no rush to actually finish a letter today - I wouldn't want to post it in a postbox in the rain, and what if a gust of wind blows when the postman retrieves the mail from the postbox to put in the bag but takes it from his hand and it falls onto the wet, maybe puddle-strewn pavement..... So, I'll wait until Monday probably to post. 

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Bad mail day!

No letters or postcards arrived today, no nice post, boo hoo. However, I did send a letter today. 

Oh, and.... I bought some more writing paper!
These sets were buy one get one free... normally £1.99 each in the shop, though occasionally they have 2 for £2 offers too.
I also looked in a charity shop and found this luxury keepsake box portfolio..
with 20 writing sheets (A5), 20 envelopes and 10 blank cards. Not bad for £1 and good to support this charity. 

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Good Mail Day

 This morning, I decided to write a few postcards..
And then the postman came....
Just some of the items of mail with some great stamps on the letters and postcards.
And including this beautifully calligraphied envelope.

Monday 2 July 2012

Do you know other letter writers?

None of the people I have met in recent years write letters. My mother kept a 40+ year correspondence with her brother until his death a few years ago. I even wrote him letters and I have kept his replies. I don't think I was the only person in my class at school to apply for penpals but I didn't hear of any long lasting correspondence. I had a correspondence with a friend from university but lost touch by either of us moving.

I often write letters while in a cafe over a panad (cuppa) and have received pleasant comments. One cafe worker mentioned wanting her own penpals and I gave her a couple of links to try, mentioned in a previous blog post of mine. When I go to a post office to buy the special issue stamps, they don't believe that I am just a collector and the stamps I buy are destined to be used for postage, what postal stamps are intended for.
Other than your penpals and people you have contact with on a penpalling forum/blog, do you know anyone (perhaps from work, school, friends, family) who writes letters?