Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bad mail day!

No letters or postcards arrived today, no nice post, boo hoo. However, I did send a letter today. 

Oh, and.... I bought some more writing paper!
These sets were buy one get one free... normally £1.99 each in the shop, though occasionally they have 2 for £2 offers too.
I also looked in a charity shop and found this luxury keepsake box portfolio..
with 20 writing sheets (A5), 20 envelopes and 10 blank cards. Not bad for £1 and good to support this charity. 


  1. I'm still MASSIVELY jealous of you having discount shops and charity shops available. That said, a very kind American penpal of mine just sent me a great big envelope of letter paper - different sizes, colours, designs. I'm in heaven!!! The only problem is, I can't start writing any letters on it because I can't decide with paper to use first..............

    1. I bought a couple more sets too on Friday!