Monday, 2 July 2012

Do you know other letter writers?

None of the people I have met in recent years write letters. My mother kept a 40+ year correspondence with her brother until his death a few years ago. I even wrote him letters and I have kept his replies. I don't think I was the only person in my class at school to apply for penpals but I didn't hear of any long lasting correspondence. I had a correspondence with a friend from university but lost touch by either of us moving.

I often write letters while in a cafe over a panad (cuppa) and have received pleasant comments. One cafe worker mentioned wanting her own penpals and I gave her a couple of links to try, mentioned in a previous blog post of mine. When I go to a post office to buy the special issue stamps, they don't believe that I am just a collector and the stamps I buy are destined to be used for postage, what postal stamps are intended for.
Other than your penpals and people you have contact with on a penpalling forum/blog, do you know anyone (perhaps from work, school, friends, family) who writes letters?


  1. I had about 5-6 pen-pals when I was a teenager. Now only one girl left. Last April we were celebrating 10 years of knowing each other :)

    1. Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary :)

  2. on occassion my friends will write me. Plus I make it a point to mail my Aunt and Mom something every now and again. My friend Jen and I have corresponded on and off since we met in kindergarten. Nothing steady, but still pleasant

  3. The three children I babysat for when I was a schoolgirl write to my now. A friend I met in a Yahoo altered art group and I still exchange post. I love writing postcards in coffee shops.

  4. I'm still in touch with a penpal I had when studying for my A-Levels - thirtysomething years ago. Now we mostly email, but still exchange "catch up" letters at Christmas.

    My old boss and I write to each other - he's a dedicated letter writer. Absolutely old school, would always make sure his thank you letters (bread and butter letters, as he called them) were handwritten and went out within 3 days of whatever event he was thanking people for. I received a letter from him last week - 3 pages of A4, all hand written, but in biro now because his arthritis makes his fountain pen difficult to hold. Bless! I'm now going to write him a reply..........

  5. I only knew one girl in high school who had a penpal...but other than that I was always the only one (and still am)... I didn't know any penpallers back in Germany and I don't know any over here in the US. I know some who have started penpalling because I told them about it though ;-) Whenever I tell someone that I write real letters with pen and paper people look at me funny. Some laugh and others are fascinated and ask me questions about it. I don't like people who keep saying NOBODY writes letters anymore...well only because they don't know anyone who DOES write letters, doesn't mean that nobody does. I love writing letters and I'm sure I always will.