Monday 20 July 2015

A new penpal discussion forum

There is a new forum up called A World of Snail Mail over here. It is very new so there is not much happening but give it time, I hope there will be a thriving community of epistologists discussing the virtues (and other issues) of snailmail.

Friday 17 July 2015

New stamps

Yesterday, the love of my life treated me to lunch at a nice bistro on the Isle of Anglesey. Afterwards, I popped to the post office to chance my luck for the new stamps. The post office is just a small branch in a little town. Yes, they had some of the miniature sheets. I also mentioned to the postmistress that the person I used to buy stamps from had retired and he could not find the Penny Black miniature sheet in Gwynedd. She still had some left so I bought  couple more sheets of that too (I had ordered and received some from Royal Mail). 

As I put the stamps safely away, the next customers came in asking for the new miniature sheet! This is the first time I've heard other people asking for the special issue stamps..
I posted this at the beginning of the month. A little heavier than my "usual" letters, it required the next postage rate up. I spent a little time pondering which stamps to use for postage and settled on these two with the selvedge.