Sunday 26 December 2021

Sunday Stamps - Christmas

See in on a Postcard sets the Sunday Stamps theme, and today's is Christmas. I hope you've all had a pleasant 25th December.

We didn't put up a Christmas tree this year, although did have a little festive decoration up. I have a USB string of lights attached to my computer, and we have other festive lights up on the dining table. I do still quite like illuminations, cheering up a corner or a street or a square, whether with patterns or shapes*. Long gone are the days I'd be taken to Oxford Street or Regent Street in London and gaze up at the lights or look in the shop windows at their displays. I could spend hours and hours in Hamleys. I think at least one of my string puppets came from there, but hasn't been played with much in over 40 years.

*The lights can be mesmerizing.

Christmas can be full of characters. I haven't read this particular Little Miss, but have read some of the others in the series. I like Mr Messy, which can sum up Christmas Day and neighbouring days, what with food preparation (I remember the first time I cooked Christmas dinner...) and with wrapping/unwrapping...

Thursday 23 December 2021

2021 round up.


Well, the year started much like the end of the year before. Quiet, and with Covid here to stay for a while. Socialising in person limited, however as a letter writer, I was socialising as usual on paper. 

Sunday 19 December 2021

Sunday Stamps - Winter

See in on a Postcard sets the Sunday Stamps theme, and today's is Winter. I've had a quick search through my image files and found some.

I like this  Löwenburg Kassel stamp from Germany. Pretty winter view.
Royal Mail issued some postbox scenes on Christmas stamps. I love a nice postbox stamp or three!
I really do like these Christmas 2018 postage stamps from Royal Mail. 

Sunday 12 December 2021

Sunday Stamps - Mountains.

 Using the weekly theme set by See it on a Postcard we come to mountains. 

Just the one stamp I'd like to showcase.... a stamp featuring Snowdonia National Park. The national park is quite big, but I just live a few miles outside the perimeter. This mountain in the stamp is Tryfan, and the lake is Llyn Ogwen. Snowdonia is gorgeous but it is a shame many tourists treat it as a rubbish dump :( 

Sunday 5 December 2021

Sunday Stamps

Well, for this week's Sunday Stamps, the theme is my choice, so I thought I would go back through my blog's picture archive and dig out some of my favourite stamps.
This sheet for Gerry Anderson/Thunderbirds is lenticular. 4, 3, 2, 1!  I'm not afraid to use stamps individually from a miniature sheet. I had the 41p stamp in my purse for ages and ages, before I decided to use it to send something to a fellow stamp blogger! 

I haven't sent many Postcrossing postcards recently, but when I did send, of course I needed to affix some stamps. I tried to use first class if I had room to add the Machin stamps to make the postage up.
Most of my outgoing post is letters, and there's usually a bit more room for the stamps on an envelope. I also try to choose stamps I think the recipient would like (a theme they are interested in, outside of stamps). 
The stamps themselves can be talked about in letters. I probably mentioned films, or Peter Cushing in at least one of the letters above. 
Portmeirion is "The Village" in the 1960s cult, The Prisoner. We went for a walk around Portmeirion recently. The "Green Dome" is not so green these days. There's a postbox in The Village as well, so I fed that with a letter. 
I love Terry Pratchett. I didn't picture Nanny Ogg in my mind the way she is in the stamp above. I love the Discworld books (but still haven't read them all). Going Postal must be one of my favourite books in the series... the start of a postal service!
This was probably a Christmas mailing from a little while ago. I haven't bought any of this year's Christmas stamps.