Thursday 27 September 2012

&?! I've been shopping! &?!

Today, I went shopping, well, just trundling around the shops to see if there was anything good....
 In one shop, I came across some writing sets, more writing sets than notecard sets! So, I bought 5 different sets! Do you like the pink embossed one?
 Should I write along the lines or across them? Maybe post for overseas with the long envelope.
 See through envelopes! &?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!
 This one looks a bit more "sensible" &?!
And instead of staples or brads, tie the sheets together. I have received letters with the sheets stapled/secured with brads before.

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Post & seal

Two letters did arrive last Friday and I have already written replies. 
 Still haven't perfected it. Posted on Monday.
Is this an improvement? Posted on Tuesday with...
An Olympic stamp.
Yesterday, I received a label, opting out of the delivering oversized post addressed to me, given to my neighbours. It is not because of not trusting them, I do not know which neighbours Royal Mail would deliver to.. Also, the delivery office is not too far away, and I would be happier to pick the post up from there. 

Thursday 13 September 2012

No Letters to reply to :(

I posted the last of the letters I wrote last Friday. Since then, I have had very little post and no penpal letters. I am itching to write, so I am currently looking through random profiles on SendSomething for potential victims to thrust letters on.
Please postie, bring me letters tomorrow!

Monday 10 September 2012

Letter storage

I am currently out of letters to reply to, and none came today (no post whatsoever for me, although I did feed a postbox with 10 postcards for Postcrossing). Anyway, I thought I would blog about letter storage. 
Currently, I store letters in little A5 zip folders, one for each penpal, but the folders for some penpals are getting rather fat! Perhaps I'll just use a second folder for those penpals.... I keep the letters, where possible, in their original envelopes, and number them with a little circle sticker. One penpal, I have replied to her 50th letter!

Is there a better way to store letters? Plastic doesn't seem all that romantic, and I would prefer a nicer way to store the letters. Perhaps I will scan them in at some point, to have a digital copy available...

Friday 7 September 2012

Is writing the most important invention?

I went to a museum last month about science, industry and technology. They asked a question -
What do you think is the most important technology ever invented? The were choices up on the wall next to the question.
I chose Writing. It is not a popular choice.... What do you think were the top 5 technologies (although that word itself is a bit misleading) from 228705 votes in total. 6th was Computer Games, and 7th was AC Electricity. Feel free to add a comment with your guess. I'll post the photo of the answers in a couple of weeks or so.

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Decorating letters

 I am not a very good artist (meaning that I do not draw very well), so if I want to decorate letters, I resort to stickers...
That is if I remember to use them, or take them with me when I go to a cafe or somewhere suitable to sit down and write.
Some stickers are holographic, or lenticular, and others are just plain nice.
However, I am a bit miffed as to what there is on this little sheet other than a teapot and teacups...