Sunday 26 September 2021

Stamps on Sunday #1

 I seem to be a sucker for many of the Royal Mail stamp issues. I don't need to buy more stamps yet the new issues generally tempt me. I buy the stamps to use, eventually. I am not going to admit how many stamps I have available for use, but I don't fear running out of stamps.

The only good thing, perhaps, about the current international airmail postage rate is that it is just 2 first class stamps for most of my overseas mail. This means I have a ton of choice when it comes to stamps. Dare I use a DC Comics stamp next to a Marvel stamp?

Or, I could just use the £1.70 postage stamps, but there isn't as much variety as there is in first class stamps.

Sunday 19 September 2021

Stationery Sunday #1

 I am a bona fide stationery addict. I love fountain pens, and inks for them; I love paper, both jolly designs and plain papers for me to decorate.

I still love stickers, but is it too early to use Halloween stickers? Maybe, maybe not!

Saturday 4 September 2021

Extreme Letter Writing


Well, for some reason, I bought this book a while back in a charity shop. Extreme Ironing! What a concept. People ironing out and about, be it up a mountain, coming down one (rock climbing or abseiling perhaps), cycling, dangling from a zipwire, in a tree, underwater!!! 

So.... well, why not write letters out and about? 

It can be good to pause along a walk, so why not grab a few minutes or so to start a postcard, or letter? 

Sometimes, there are benches/tables to rest, admire the view and, well, for me, to pen a letter. 

Sometimes, no bench, so have to park myself on the grass. I had a gilet I could sit on.

I made use of slate to sit on and to use as a table. This site now has UNESCO World Heritage status.

Not so extreme is sitting at a table in a beer garden with a nice drink to hit the spot! 

I have had some people comment when they see me writing letters in cafes... I like to show people letter writing is still alive. 

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Postboxes and a postmark slogan.

For quite a while, I  lost my letter (and blog) writing mojo. I didn't feel like writing anything here or on paper. A malaise at the general state of things at present. However, the last couple of months have found me more optimistic, getting out and about. There is so much to do and so much to see, can barely touch the surface. 

I miss spoken connections, but I do prefer the medium of letters. You can be more thoughtful, less saying something without thinking. I love this postmark slogan from the Australian postal service. Supporting connections.
With the better weather, have been enjoying walking, photographing the world around me, and objects of interest to me. I have been photographing postboxes on & off since about autumn 2009. This one above is one of my more recent boxes, but sadly, I didn't have any letters to feed it with.