Friday 18 May 2012


Royal Mail still haven't issued special issue stamps with the value of 87p, for posting postcards and light letters by airmail to Europe and the World. I know I could get an 87p country definitive, for Wales, that would be a blue daffodil but I still have some blue daffodil stamps, though these are marked 60p (current first class rate!!). Also, from the old rate, there isn't a single add on stamp available to make up to the new postage. Europe was 68p, and Worldwide was 76p. I can fit 2 add on stamps onto postcards, OK with the 76p stamps, but to use 1st (now 60p), I'd need 27p. Royal Mail used to sell a 22p stamp (I still have a couple), but they've withdrawn it from sale since before the previous price rise. Royal Mail issues some really fantastic first class stamps but with not having a single add on stamp to make it up to airmail rate, it puts me off from using those nice stamps on postcards as there isn't a lot of room on them for 3 make-up value stamps too.

I feel a bit betrayed by this huge price rise. Many would have "accepted" a penny or two price rise, but 14p extra for 1st class, 19p extra for Europe, and then even more on top for the higher weights, and parcels (no more discount for printed paper/small packets than airmail letters)....... Royal Mail started being only available to the rich, now it is going back that way. 

I know Royal Mail is losing money, but they should be encouraging people to use the postal service, not pushing them away (e-mail is "free"). 

But, I like post, so I will continue to send and receive postcards and letters. I may not send as many postcards as I used to though: I am not a postcard collector and prefer more meaningful post.