Sunday 18 March 2018

InCoWriMo-2018 roundup

InCoWriMo-2018 has been a success in my eyes. I managed to write at least one letter a day. I wrote to 30 new victims, receiving 3 replies before the month was out and a further 11 replies in the first half of March. February saw me being chosen as a victim by 13 people. A further 2 surprises arrived in the first half of March. I also continued to correspond with existing penpals, writing 20 replies and receiving 23 letters (excluding postcards). I was able to use wax seals for most of my outgoing mail too. 

It was a successful month although I was unexpectedly away from home for almost all of the month (I was expecting to be away for only a week or so). I did miss receiving post on a daily basis, but my family at home kept me informed of my incoming mail.

Now I play catch up as I will reply to all the InCoWriMo-2018 post I received, as well as replying to my existing penpals. I have almost 40 letters in my to-reply-to pile.