Thursday 21 March 2013

I shall cry....!!

That's two days in the row the postman hasn't brought me some post (nothing at all, not even bills or bank statements or junk mail....). I suppose I should send more things, e.g. Postcrossing postcards (although I haven't been in the mood for requesting addresses). Maybe tomorrow will bring things... I shall be posting at least one letter tomorrow.

Blog posts in progress for the future - post boxes (Royal Mail has a few different sorts); more on address books; letter storage.... anything else you would like to see over the coming months?

Friday 15 March 2013

Some post out...

Two items sent earlier in the week. I hope they got to their destinations safely.
And this went out to someone abroad who had visited/walked across the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge (I've been across too).

Lettermo forums still active.... not too late to join and do your own month of letters challenge (OK, it won't be for February... but should be doable in any month).

Monday 11 March 2013

Address Books

 This is one of my address books. It has a line for name, 5 for the address, and only 1 for telephone. I don't have many people in my address book with their surname beginning with O, but some of the other letter pages are full.
This is an older address book, but again, some letters have been used up..
My latest one is this, 4 lines for the address, one for name, telephone, email and mobile. Not bad, however, I have the same problem of running out of pages for certain letters. Can I find another one like this? Slim, with room for the address. My address takes 4 lines (street, town, county, postcode), but some addresses take more lines (if the house is a name rather than a number, and the village is included above the town name...)
This first option has 3 lines for address, A5 book.
Another A5 size, but 2 lines for address!
3 lines, looks quite nice, but not for me...
Address pages to fit a Filofax/personal organiser. Not much space in the Filofax version for the address.
Not A5 but not slim either, 2 lines..
A5 again, 3 lines, but the lines look rather thin...
Cheerful, looks reasonable...
This time, maybe enough room for the address, but no room for the phone numbers (my area code is 5 digits long, and then 6 digits for my phone number).
The slim address books I came across were worse... thin lines, 2 lines for address,... Needless to say, I haven't acquired a replacement address book.

Sunday 10 March 2013

Tea and envelopes

I was reading a paper  yesterday when I came across one of the letters to the editor. I thought it funny and decided to include it in a letter to a penpal.
Sir - At my local supermarket, the young man on the checkout seemed puzzled by my packet of loose leaf tea.
       "Do you have to tip it into little bags to make a cup of tea?" he earnestly inquired.
 Letter is all ready for posting on Monday.
Seal isn't as good as my previous one....
With only a couple of letters left in my pile to reply to, I decided to make some envelopes. I picked up the papers from a craft shop.

Saturday 9 March 2013


Today, I posted a letter and had sealed it last night. I think it is the best I have done to date. I don't seal every letter like this as I need space in the kitchen to do it. Last time I did it at my desk, a flame fell onto the envelope.... Luckily, I put it out quickly and didn't set my desk, computer, and the letter on fire...

Thursday 7 March 2013

Mailing addresses on blogs

I have been browsing a few new blogs and photos on flickr for mailart and other postal ideas recently when I came across quite a few with pictures showing addresses of other people. It is a bit disconcerting to see such disregard for other people's privacy. I don't post pictures of my address or the addresses of those I sent do.

I cover the addresses up (the above is one envelope I received a while ago, and I posted about it earlier), although I let this beautifully calligraphied part of my address through (again, shown in an earlier blogpost).

I do have my postal address on a couple of websites/forums, but I chose to put them there, and I believe only viewable by logged in members to the respective sites. I also have put my address in some friendship books, again, put there by choice.
I know some of my penpals blog about letters.... I haven't read all their blog entries, but if you are reading this and have put a photo of my address on your blog, please please, could you remove it.

Tuesday 5 March 2013


I completed Lettermo in February but wanted to keep up the momentum of sending an item of post every postal day (when there is a collection). Friday, I posted 2 letters, Saturday I posted 2 letters, and yesterday, Monday, I managed to post 3 letters. However, I started  a letter yesterday but was unable to finish it until after the last collection today (Tuesday). Oh well... It'll go out tomorrow. I will still continue to write and send letters, but am no longer fussed if I miss the last collection of the day.

Sunday 3 March 2013


I was out when Royal Mail tried to deliver a parcel. We prefer things to be taken back to the delivery office rather than left with a neighbour. The parcel was for my husband and I let him know I missed it. He said he had a dream the previous night, about this parcel and it was left in the middle of the road and run over!
Is the size of this box a bit of an overkill for the item sent in it?

Friday 1 March 2013

Royal Mail postage rates from 2nd April

I was dreading news of a price rise, thinking of last year's rise of 19p for the first rate of airmail to Europe, and 14p increase in domestic first class.... However, I needn't be livid this time....

First and Second class stamps there is no change (60p and 50p respectively).

First rate of airmail will rise by a penny to 88p

Next rate of airmail remains unchanged, £1.28 for 40g Europe and 20g Worldwide letters.

Next rate changes, 60g letter to Europe will be £1.68 (up 2p), and 40g Worldwide letters will be £1.88 (down 2p).