Friday, 1 March 2013

Royal Mail postage rates from 2nd April

I was dreading news of a price rise, thinking of last year's rise of 19p for the first rate of airmail to Europe, and 14p increase in domestic first class.... However, I needn't be livid this time....

First and Second class stamps there is no change (60p and 50p respectively).

First rate of airmail will rise by a penny to 88p

Next rate of airmail remains unchanged, £1.28 for 40g Europe and 20g Worldwide letters.

Next rate changes, 60g letter to Europe will be £1.68 (up 2p), and 40g Worldwide letters will be £1.88 (down 2p).

1 comment:

  1. Still good value! Here in France it's 0,80 Euro for 20g to the EU and 1,35 Euro for 50g - no stopping in between the weights!! Also, only the EU plus Switzerland count as "Europe". Geographical Europe that isn't in the EU is "Rest of the World", and there it's 0,95 Euro for 20g and 1,75 Euro for 50g.

    And the UK has much nicer stamps than France! Here they don't usually bother making pretty ones other than for domestic use!