Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mailing addresses on blogs

I have been browsing a few new blogs and photos on flickr for mailart and other postal ideas recently when I came across quite a few with pictures showing addresses of other people. It is a bit disconcerting to see such disregard for other people's privacy. I don't post pictures of my address or the addresses of those I sent do.

I cover the addresses up (the above is one envelope I received a while ago, and I posted about it earlier), although I let this beautifully calligraphied part of my address through (again, shown in an earlier blogpost).

I do have my postal address on a couple of websites/forums, but I chose to put them there, and I believe only viewable by logged in members to the respective sites. I also have put my address in some friendship books, again, put there by choice.
I know some of my penpals blog about letters.... I haven't read all their blog entries, but if you are reading this and have put a photo of my address on your blog, please please, could you remove it.


  1. Like you, I'm astonished when I see people's addresses (other than those of the person writing the blog) published on the interweb. I wouldn't dream of putting someone's address into the public domain without asking their permission. Perhaps we're more jealous of our privacy than some.....

  2. When I first started pen palling and mail blogging, I didn't connect the seriousness of this- most of the addresses I had gotten were from other mail bloggers who had their addresses out for the world to see- but then it was brought to my attention by a dear friend who knows that I am a little, shall we say, prone to naivety? LOL

    Once I was set straight, I began editing my photos of outgoing and incoming to cover ALL addresses, including mine, and I took down the advertised addy on my blog sidebar and instead offered to reply via email to any potential new pen friends. :)

    Then I went back and edited/removed any and all photos from the past that I could find that had addresses on.

    Thanks for bringing this up in a post! It's a good topic to be aware of, and the more internet integrated the snail mail is, the better it is to know the correct protocol and courtesies! :) :)

    I'm off to write some more LetterMo replies!

  3. I try very hard to keep personal information - names and addresses of other people - out of my photos. I do allow my own address to show, because it is not where I live, and I don't mind sharing it.

    If ever I have accidentally left an address showing, PLEASE tell me! I think the folks who have inadvertently left this personal information in photos either did it by mistake or out of naievete, and I'm sure they'd rather know - will you give this tip to them when you see it?