Monday, 11 March 2013

Address Books

 This is one of my address books. It has a line for name, 5 for the address, and only 1 for telephone. I don't have many people in my address book with their surname beginning with O, but some of the other letter pages are full.
This is an older address book, but again, some letters have been used up..
My latest one is this, 4 lines for the address, one for name, telephone, email and mobile. Not bad, however, I have the same problem of running out of pages for certain letters. Can I find another one like this? Slim, with room for the address. My address takes 4 lines (street, town, county, postcode), but some addresses take more lines (if the house is a name rather than a number, and the village is included above the town name...)
This first option has 3 lines for address, A5 book.
Another A5 size, but 2 lines for address!
3 lines, looks quite nice, but not for me...
Address pages to fit a Filofax/personal organiser. Not much space in the Filofax version for the address.
Not A5 but not slim either, 2 lines..
A5 again, 3 lines, but the lines look rather thin...
Cheerful, looks reasonable...
This time, maybe enough room for the address, but no room for the phone numbers (my area code is 5 digits long, and then 6 digits for my phone number).
The slim address books I came across were worse... thin lines, 2 lines for address,... Needless to say, I haven't acquired a replacement address book.

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  1. I never could find an address book that kept up with my pace of writing, so I started using index cards! I keep them in little matching waterproof boxes, green for US, black for International. I file them alphabetically and each card contains the full address, plus a note about how I know them and any memory joggers for me (like what they collect or their birthday, hobbies, family, etc.)

    Maybe I should photo my boxes for a post on TMP.... I need to get all of my incoming photos caught up first though. :)