Thursday, 27 September 2012

&?! I've been shopping! &?!

Today, I went shopping, well, just trundling around the shops to see if there was anything good....
 In one shop, I came across some writing sets, more writing sets than notecard sets! So, I bought 5 different sets! Do you like the pink embossed one?
 Should I write along the lines or across them? Maybe post for overseas with the long envelope.
 See through envelopes! &?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!&?!
 This one looks a bit more "sensible" &?!
And instead of staples or brads, tie the sheets together. I have received letters with the sheets stapled/secured with brads before.

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