Sunday, 5 December 2021

Sunday Stamps

Well, for this week's Sunday Stamps, the theme is my choice, so I thought I would go back through my blog's picture archive and dig out some of my favourite stamps.
This sheet for Gerry Anderson/Thunderbirds is lenticular. 4, 3, 2, 1!  I'm not afraid to use stamps individually from a miniature sheet. I had the 41p stamp in my purse for ages and ages, before I decided to use it to send something to a fellow stamp blogger! 

I haven't sent many Postcrossing postcards recently, but when I did send, of course I needed to affix some stamps. I tried to use first class if I had room to add the Machin stamps to make the postage up.
Most of my outgoing post is letters, and there's usually a bit more room for the stamps on an envelope. I also try to choose stamps I think the recipient would like (a theme they are interested in, outside of stamps). 
The stamps themselves can be talked about in letters. I probably mentioned films, or Peter Cushing in at least one of the letters above. 
Portmeirion is "The Village" in the 1960s cult, The Prisoner. We went for a walk around Portmeirion recently. The "Green Dome" is not so green these days. There's a postbox in The Village as well, so I fed that with a letter. 
I love Terry Pratchett. I didn't picture Nanny Ogg in my mind the way she is in the stamp above. I love the Discworld books (but still haven't read them all). Going Postal must be one of my favourite books in the series... the start of a postal service!
This was probably a Christmas mailing from a little while ago. I haven't bought any of this year's Christmas stamps. 



  1. Oh, I agree, that is not how I pictured Nanny Ogg! I also try to include stamps from the interests in the Postcrosser's profile.I rarely use just one stamp.
    I actually really like the Machin stamps, mainly for the variety of colours. I have pages and pages of them, mint and used.

  2. I haven't participated in Postcrossing for a long time, but I remember buying all the unusual stamps from the USPS, rather than boring old flags.

  3. I try to use more than one stamp, too, especially on envelopes. But in Spain we don't have so many choices; low rate stamps are difficult to find.
    Your mail looks gorgeous!

  4. A nice reminder of stamps past, they are always nice to receive. I've only bought Christmas stamps to use on cards this year, I like the angels.

  5. I wonder whether we will take the 'new' barcode stamps in the same way.