Tuesday 10 July 2012


Last night, I wrote my first ever but nice fan letter to an author I admire, "love" and read. When I finished the letter, I felt oddly silly, childish, but I am not a silly little teenager with a crush writing to heroes/heartthrobs in film, TV or bands: I am a grown woman with a family of my own. What would my letter achieve? It probably wouldn't get read by the author, so what was the point? I feel bereft as if I have lost something [did I have marbles to begin with?] of myself.... Perhaps it is like unrequited love, giving but not receiving. Did I expect to receive anything in return? Do I want something in return? I write letters, letters that are bits of myself, to prospective penpals hoping to get replies and develop penfriendships, but if I do not receive replies, those bits of me are lost.
I nearly didn't put a stamp on. I did however affix one this morning. I nearly didn't post it when I was out in town, but I did. Even after posting, I didn't feel happy: sending nice mail is supposed to make me happy. Am I just being silly, feeling this way? Have you ever written fanmail (and have you received anything in return)? I'm not sure I will do so again. If I receive anything in return, I will let you know.

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  1. I have never sent "fan mail", and reading this post I know why - I would feel exactly the same way that you do.

    However, I do send "nice mail". Unsolicited notes, letters, postcards, to friends and acquaintances just because I'm thinking of them or I've seen something that I wanted to tell them about or just because......

    The response to "nice mail" is always, ALWAYS, delight from the recipient at having received a nice letter or card that they can read more than once, put on the mantlepiece, keep, and enjoy.

    I don't see why the response to "fan mail" should be any different.

    If you were an author, wouldn't you be delighted that someone had taken the time and trouble to write and tell you that they enjoyed what you had written? I would!

    I hope you now feel happy about sending nice mail!