Friday, 6 July 2012


I like to buy a daily paper, but it was raining. Still, I fancied some fresh air so wandered out. I bought my paper and went to a cafe to read it and then write letters, relaxing with a cuppa.
It is a bit wet out there. The rain still coming down....
Then it was time to venture back out... I took a rest in a bus shelter... With all this rain, I was in no rush to actually finish a letter today - I wouldn't want to post it in a postbox in the rain, and what if a gust of wind blows when the postman retrieves the mail from the postbox to put in the bag but takes it from his hand and it falls onto the wet, maybe puddle-strewn pavement..... So, I'll wait until Monday probably to post. 


  1. Sounds daft, but I really enjoyed looking at these photos. Reminds me of England in summer - even though I know they were taken in Wales!!

    1. There were quite a few people out and about in the rain! It rained today (Sunday) too. Hopefully, it won't rain (too heavily) on Monday for posting letters (I'll post either at the post office or in an indoor collection box in a supermarket).... Night night