Monday, 7 January 2019

It is 2019! Where does the time go?

A question asked elsewhere was how many letters did you write in 2018? I didn't actually count but I reckon over 300 letters. I did however keep a record of when letters/postcards came in, and when I posted mail too so I could tot the numbers up. I did not mind the question though. 

I did used to give monthly stats but stopped because it may not be fair to say, "Look at me, look how many letters I write, look how much money I have spent on postage stamps, look how many penpals I have got!" Besides, perhaps I do not want to admit/realise how much money I spend on postage (or even how much stationery I bought last year - at least most of it was in the sales)! One of my penpals has over 150 other penfriends. Some might say that she is a penpal collector, and how can her letters be unique? Her letters are unique, and the ones to me are written just for me.

I could say how many different people I have written to in the past year, but I won't do that. With the likes of Facebook and the possibility of showing others how many "friends" you have on there, and Twitter & Instagram with followers, penpalling is not a popularity contest. It doesn't matter how many penpals you or I have. For me, it is the quality of the letter, the connection that I find is more important than quantity / popularity. For personal reference, though, it may be informative. 

What I might do when February has started & finished for 2019, is to count up the number of surprise letters received and sent through InCoWriMo-2019.

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  1. I have no idea how many letters I sent last year, although I could figure it out pretty closely if I had a mind to. For a long time, I sent three letters or postcards each week to my grandchildren. I'm more irregular with that now. I love decorating envelopes and receiving pretty mail art, but the letter inside is most important. The kind of letter that makes me think and respond. One dear friend from high school and college lives in Santa Fe and is active in art workshops, so in addition to family/friend messages, I get inspired by what she is doing or learning.

    I went through a spell at the end of 2018 when I didn't respond to my mail, and I'm busy catching up right now. Someone I've read about on blogs numbers each mailing, and I'm going to try that this year, but will surely forget by the end of January. :)