Friday, 25 January 2019

InCoWriMo-2019 preparation in progress.

 Although I still have a few letters to reply to, February means I will be on a letter writing binge so I need to prepare.

  • My pens have been cleaned (mostly) and inked. 
  • I have sorted out various writing papers I think I want to use up, also restocking my letter writing-travel-kit. 
  • I have selected some decorative tapes and stickers to carry about with me too.
  • I live in a touristy area and so raided the attractions leaflets, mostly produced for last year, so I could cut out the maps. I'll include one in some of my surprise letters, well, that is the plan.
  • I need to find my glue roller so I can affix the aforementioned maps to the letter paper when needed.
  • I have postage stamps to hand. I must go in search of Airmail labels.
I think that is about it for now. Is there anything I am missing? I will leave picking who to write to for later as people are still signing up, and signing up closes at the end of January for InCoWriMo-2019. and

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