Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Europa stamps 2013

Last week, I received a letter from the Netherlands with this year's Europa stamp
Today, I received a postcard from France with another Europa stamp.
PostEurop has a competition for the most beautiful Europa stamp. The theme is “Van of the Postman” but not all the entrants are wheeled vehicles! Royal Mail hasn't yet released their Europa issue and are not in the competition to vote for (again, missed the Children's Book theme and they would have had a good entry with Winnie The Pooh).
Still have a miniature sheet, but only one of the stamps on it (plus another first class not on the sheet) were marked Europa.
Royal Mail issued the 2011 Europa issue early and was entered into the competition.
And 2012 was Visit, Royal Mail deems only the Victoria and Albert Museum the only one worthwhile of the Europa logo to Visit (I haven't actually visited it, as far as I can remember). W is for White Cliffs of Dover (have seen), and X is for Station X, Bletchley Park (not visited either).

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