Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Address book, and postcards

My mother bought a nice address book for me as a birthday present but that was two months ago and I still have not written in it.
Perhaps I am waiting to fill up a few lettered pages in a current address book (so there is no space for addresses for people with surnames beginning with that letter)...
Or for when too many addresses have been crossed out due to them becoming out of date, because people move (I have had over half a dozen addresses in my life so far)...
The address book is by Simon Drew, and his illustrations are fun. Whiter shade of pale... not sure on the rest!

I mentioned earlier about sending Doctor Who postcards produced for Royal Mail, commenting that there is not much room for the recipient's address.
There isn't a lot of room to use the nice first class stamps plus the make-up value stamps for international postage. There is a little bit more room than the picture shows: the make-up value stamps are self-adhesive when removed from the backing paper, but that still doesn't leave much room for the address. I am not sure if Royal Mail thought these postcards would actually be sent through the postal system.

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