Sunday, 6 March 2022

Sunday Stamps - Transportation

See it on a Postcard sets the theme for Sunday Stamps, and today's is Transportation so I've gone a bit loco. 

Royal Mail have issued miniature sheets, Classic Locomotives and here are just three of the sheets (I do have the Welsh one somewhere or perhaps I've used the stamps).
And below a few more trains, although I am not a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and friends, I still think the stamps are nice! 
I really miss train travel. Maybe can do some this year. I haven't been on a train in very almost 2 years. 


  1. Europe and the UK are the only places I've been on a train and I've mostly enjoyed that mode of travel. These are nice souvenir sheets. I like that they've included the bridges and the trains in motion.

  2. As a train travel enthusiast I like these. I was on my 1st train for 2 years on the Haverthwaite and Lakeside railway but then its only a 3 mile track. The adults in the party were more excited than the small child!

  3. I am not a big fan of Thomas, either... But just because I never met him as a child!