Sunday, 9 January 2022

Sunday Stamps - Blue

The theme for Sunday Stamps is set by See it on a Postcard, and this time, the theme is blue.

A Postcrossing friend wanted to thank me for some information and had this postcard sent to me with a special postmark cancellation.
Also via Postcrossing, I received many postcards from Thailand, and on this one, was a stamp made with Thai Silk. Other nations have issued fabric stamps. 


  1. Fabric Stamps? I've not heard of such a thing. How interesting.

    1. Austria have issued a lace postage stamp, as well as a stamp made of thin oak (wooden postage stamp), as well as umm, toilet paper.

      Switzerland also has had a lace stamp.

      There's also stamps with crystals, gems, pearls attached.

      Seeds, fish scales, cork...

      A thread on a stamp forum has more unusual examples here

  2. The solar system pictorial postmark is stunning.