Saturday, 29 January 2022

February Letters - 2022 edition

Want to take part in Incowrimo but can't manage a whole letter-a-day to send? Maybe you could compromise and do this challenge instead. It doesn't matter if you can't do it every day. The main thing is to enjoy writing letters/postcards.

28 challenges for this month, one for each day. When writing a letter, please answer the question or use the writing prompt or do the task for that day, or just pick one you fancy doing (or at random).

  • 1st: Write a sentence with your non-dominant hand
  • 2nd: What flower(s) have you noticed blooming outside recently?
  • 3rd: Writing prompt: books
  • 4th: What is the weather like?
  • 5th: Will you be watching/following the Winter Olympics?
  • 6th: Have you learned/tried to learn any musical instruments?
  • 7th: When did you send your first ever email?
  • 8th: What are the best 3 things about where you live?
  • 9th: What are your three favourite films/tv series?
  • 10th: If you could write a book about anyone, who would you write about and what would its title be?
  • 11th: Write a sentence backwards
  • 12th: Doodle some eyes
  • 13th: What was the last book you started to read but decided not to finish?
  • 14th: Have you written Valentine's cards to pets (or even received one from a pet)?
  • 15th: What was the last board game you played?
  • 16th: What is a favourite quote from fiction?
  • 17th: What has made you smile recently?
  • 18th: What outdoor activities do you like doing?
  • 19th: What is your favourite season
  • 20th: Would you join clubs/societies for your hobbies?
  • 21st: Have you ever written letters to your future self?
  • 22nd: Do you volunteer or raise money for good causes?
  • 23rd: What can you hear/see around you while you write today's letter/postcard?
  • 24th: What museums/attractions in your area would you want to visit?
  • 25th: What was the strangest/oddest thing you did in 2021?
  • 26th: Do you like doing crosswords/sudoku or other puzzles?
  • 27th: Writing prompt: music
  • 28th: Do you keep a diary or journal or scrapbook?

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  1. I love these prompts. Thank you for some fun ideas for what to write.