Saturday, 12 September 2015

more - A World of Snail Mail.

All of my last post's photos were the originals taken before getting the Instagram treatment for A World of Snail Mail and may have also been reposted to Tumblr 

One of my correspondents this week wrote to say they had been stressed out by the sheer challenge of InCoWriMo. Some correspondence via InCoWriMo and LetterMo in the past haven't had much substance to it. Another correspondent enjoyed the 5 Questions 5 Letters format of the new montly challenge set up on A World of Snail Mail as it helps have something to write. I myself have received dreary letters from "letter swaps" saying nothing more than what they had written on their profile. InCoWriMo was great in that there was no profile to copy out, and in some ways, I felt more freedom than via some of the penpalling sites over the years, mainly Interpals. So, if you are fancying a new way to find penpals/correspondents, try the Five Questions Five Letters challenge.

Instead of the 20+ for InCoWriMo / LetterMo, try to answer 5 sets of questions - write five letters.

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