Friday, 24 April 2015

Proof of concept

Today, I posted 3 letters to different corners of the world. One of the envelopes is sealed with wax (below). 
Last year, I had the idea of making my own seals. I bought some modelling stuff and made this. I had left it to dry and forgot about it. I found it last night and thought I would try it on a letter to the US. I had surfed online for ideas about them and one suggested using an oil to prevent the wax from sticking. I lightly covered this with vegetable oil and took the plunge. OK, one of the petals stuck but otherwise, it looks to have turned out rather well. I hope it arrives safely.
Also on the subject of wax, I usually use a ballpoint pen for fear of the address running in the rain if I use a fountain pen. Sometimes I protected the address with sticky tape. A couple of correspondents have suggested/used candle (not lit) rubbed over the address - looks like it works nicely. 


  1. thanks for this! Finally I can say goodbye to wads of ugly cellulose tape!

  2. I have this habit of any new pens I get writing on a scrap of paper and running it under water to see if it comes off! So I tend to have these little pieces of wet, scribbled on paper-kind of funny-but at least I feel safe the ink will hold if the envelope does-haha!