Thursday, 23 April 2015

Cheerful post.

 Today, I came home to 2 letters. I just love these stamps used for postage. One of the letters was sealed with wax, and came from a correspondent who has used other seals on letters to me.
The bottom seal is the latest one I have received. Which seal is your favourite out of these?
Earlier in the week, I received this letter also with fab stamps. I hope to reply by May the Fourth!
I have finished writing a reply to this letter, and will post it tomorrow. I love the Valentine's stamp.
The letter I replied to had this little pretty drawing in. My talents for drawing are limited!
I celebrated my birthday this month and my mother used this stamp on her card to me. Eastbourne is somewhere I have visited.
While on the subject of places visited being on stamps, I didn't realise Kedlestone Hall was on a stamp. I went there earlier in the year and only just discovered I had the stamp in my for-postage collection.

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  1. Being a superheroes fan, my favourite is the Shield seal. This reminds me that I have seal and wax somewhere at my grandparents', I ought to find them and try to use them again. Thanks for the prompt