Friday, 6 February 2015

InCoWriMo progress

Just a quick update for the first week of InCoWriMo. 
 3 letters posted on Wednesday. 
 Another letter, I had enclosed this postcard. I had a go doing a paragraph following the instructions. Advice though, go for a small dictionary (not an A5 sized one),
One InCoWriMo participant reported receiving some Spam, that is, a tin of spam, along with a letter. It was the recipient's own fault having requested spam to fill his postbox! Please do not send me Spam however!

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  1. Morgaine,
    I laughed at at the Spam and then laughed louder when I popped over to FPG and saw who sent it - my most prolific pen pal - why am I not surprised.
    Now I'll uncap my brand spanking new Noodler's Konrad and pen my #10 InCoMoWri letter to you.