Tuesday, 10 February 2015

InCoWriMo, pens, postcards....

Last week, I received my first correspondence for InCoWriMo
One postcard and 2 letters (USA and NL).
  Today, the postie brought 6  letters to me, all from people taking part in InCoWriMo. The content of a couple of these letters were quite funny. I know what ROFL means, but I need one for laughing because of something funny written in a letter while drinking tea and getting some of the beverage up the nose. 
 2 of the 3 letters with postage I posted today. 
 Recent pen acquisitions. The Lamy was bought last year (for 20p) but I bought a broad nib at the weekend and only yesterday, changed it. The 2 other fountain pens are Jinhao. I also bought a glass pen.

This came in a set with a heart-shaped bottle (I had opened it breaking the wax seals) of J. Herbin ink, and some notecards. 
The light from my desk lamp and the surface of my writing desk do not quite do the pens justice in the photo. 
As well as the Lamy nib (medium shown here), I do have some dip pen nibs but I am not sure how I came to buy 2 of the same type. The nib bottom right is a Post Office pen. 
I also have some postcard books. The Everything is Connected (Keri Smith), has had a number of postcards from it sent. What magic powers should a postcard have? The other postcard books shown are: My Wonderful World of Fashion Postcards [although I am not a fashion addict]; National Trust Gardens postcard book; and, Altair Design postcard book No. 2. I loved doing the Altair designs as a child but haven't coloured one in for years, maybe for at least 25 years.

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  1. The wonderful array of stamps used has drawn me back to stamp collecting too. I have received lenticular stamps from Finland to pay someone to write my paper, scented stamps, stamps of nature and landscape, heroes and villains.