Tuesday, 29 July 2014

sad address book

Although I was given a nice Simon Drew address book last year for my birthday, I am still using an old address book...
I was adding a few new addresses to it (I actually made a mistake listing someone under the first letter of their first name, not surname! oops), but was sad to see the number of entries I have in it that are no longer needed (correspondence has been stopped by them.... they hadn't replied although I realise that perhaps mail may have gotten lost on route....). I haven't written the addresses of everyone I have written penpal letters to... if I did, I would have to start one of my newer address books...


  1. Hi M,
    I just filled this form out and my reply disappeared! I hope it doesn't show up twice! I file all my addresses in my book by first name. I know it sounds strange but it's a lot easier for me when I have to look up one of my husband's friends. I'm not great at remembering surnames. By the way, I haven't forgotten you. Life has been a little intense. I'm just getting myself organized again.

    1. I had organised something in a document listing people's addresses under country.... Just had a quick glance through my address book - I've written to at least 4 Sandras, 3 Stephanies.....
      I suppose if you don't use a person's surname very often, then first name makes sense... however, most of the people I write to, I address the envelope with a surname (there are a couple of exceptions, and their addresses are relegated to the Notes section at the back of the address book).