Thursday, 3 July 2014

It is July already?

June seemed to pass very quick.

Postcards in - 29; out - 3 !!
Letters in - 11; out 13 (but this would have been 16 if I had caught the postal collection on Monday).

Instead, these 3 letters got posted on the 1st of July but the little plate on the postbox said next collection was to be Wednesday (I posted before 5.30pm which is when the last collection is supposed to be from that particular postbox).

You see that light green stamp? The one that has a value of 20p? Well, I was surprised to see something in a shop today to be sold at 20p....The daily newspaper I buy used to be 20p, but now costs 30p!

I haven't used Lamy before, but I thought at 20p, I cannot go wrong.... the cost of sending a letter (whether within the United Kingdom, or abroad) is more than that! This is my first Lamy: most of my fountain pens are Parker.

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