Friday 19 April 2024

Coming partially off (un)social media.

For a few years, this blog had a page on Facebook, but I've since deleted it. Also, my forum had a page and group on FB, and now, they are both gone from there. FB/Insta/Meta/whatever have changed for the worse over the years, and even Twitter (whatever) seems a little better as you can choose to see posts from people you follow. Yes, on the Insta app, you can see the posts from people you are following, but not hashtags. Can't browse recent/latest posts of a hashtag, so I've given up trying. Mastodon seems better, though quiet. 

I prefer the set up of a forum, the sections that can be created, the different boards within, and proper thread titles. Much easier to navigate. But, oh so many people happy to allow algorithms to show them what the platform wants to show you (top posts in reddit, most "relevant" on FB, "top" posts on Insta). Insta - I want to see hashtag WriteMoreLetters,  not more crafting/painting posts, cats reels (OK a few won't hurt), posts telling me I should change my looks/body/be someone else... 

There used to be a time where there were loads of blogs to read about snailmail, penpalling, letter writing. Can easily dip in and read. Sad though, so many don't get updated. But now, it is all social media, pictures here, pictures there, full of oneupmanship, ner ner ner ner ner, begging/wanting freebies, and [redacted]. Whatever I do, just doesn't seem to be good enough.

I'm just so tired... so tired of it all. I'm worn down. I had to quit another hobby/interest because of the burnout, and I feel I've lost many years of my life and money and brain cells. Time for something new. Time to let go.     


  1. Maybe taking a break from it all will do you good. I can definitely relate to your feelings - over the past years, I have left all social media with the exception of Instagram (despite its deficits, it's still the most peaceful platform for me), and I took a long, long break from blogging. My perspective on a lot of life's aspects has shifted over the past years, and that has made a difference in how I 'use' social media. Like you, I prefer the format of forums, and like you, I miss good blogposts about snail mailing, all things paper and generally *communication, not showing off*... Anyway! I hope you'll feel better after a break! Be kind to yourself, and be well...

  2. I'm sad to read this, because I enjoy reading your blog. I felt guilty by reading the comment above, because my blog is more about showing than discussing (although some interesting discussions take place sometimes in the comments); but it has been always more or less the same.

    I am not in social media (except for Twitter - X, where I am not very active). For me, writing letters/postcards has nothing to do with online activity, although I enjoy both. So, I hope you keep sending snail mail, even if you leave social platforms.