Wednesday, 17 April 2019

April has been #sow_on rather than #write_on

February is long gone, but I have some letters written to me in February still to reply to. For most of February and all of March, I was away from home. I received a couple of batches of letters to keep me going, but returned home to even more letters! The better weather means there are other calls on my time, namely gardening. I have been busy sowing seeds, digging up weeds, talking to bees and ladybirds and spiders and woodlice...

February itself was a success. I surprised lots of people on the InCoWriMo-2019 website, and was also surprised to receive over a third of replies to those letters.

One slight dilemma I have is that I have no idea of the order the letters arrived in while I was away. I could take educated guess from the postmark (if any), and letter date (if any) as I have a good idea of roughly how long a letter takes to get to me. However, I think I might just do pot luck, see how I feel.

I had a huge pile of letters I replied to for filing away. My current storage solution is to store the letters from one person in one (or more) plastic bags. Not all that romantic. Maybe I could find some fabric and use ribbon or thicker threads to wrap them up.

I have contemplated scanning in the letters received. I did scan in a few from my teenage years but wonder and ponder what file format and folder system to use. How future-proof would these digitised letters be?

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  1. I got a bit behind with my replies, but I've been doing some catching up these past few days (including 4 written today!).

    I'm not sure about future-proofing letters, but I'm guessing a folder with the name of the person and then inside that folders for the year (and months if you happen to get very regular mail from someone) and then scanned letters inside that (I would go with multi-page PDF format).