Friday, 19 October 2018

Ooops, gone down the wax seal rabbit hole

This year, I have been using wax seals more often than less to put the finishing touches to my outgoing post. These are just a selection.

 The one above and below are of the Ironbridge. 

I have a few more wax seals on order, and have also received a few new ones not yet used. In addition, I have ordered different colours of wax to use. 


  1. Wax seals are brilliant. I've got a few of those ones. They just make snail mail that extra bit more special.

  2. Do you get these made specially for you or do you just shop around for them?

    1. I buy mainly online from a certain big online store, but the smaller seals are Manuscript ones, and I have bought some from art/craft stores. Ironbridge seal came from one of the Ironbridge museums.