Tuesday 10 January 2017

InCoWriMo's official site has been updated.

But, I would take what is written with a big pinch of salt.

This is just part of The List. You may need to click the picture to read the wording.
These 28 people (and one crustacean) would love to receive your correspondence!
Don’t let a lack of at-the-ready recipients keep you from accepting the InCoWriMo Challenge. With this list, you don’t even need a personal address book.
All of the names on this list are real, live people (well, almost all the names). I’ve spoken to each personally (trust me) and while they may not be able to respond to the flood of letters that InCoWriMo provokes, they each confess, proclaim, and affirm that they crave your correspondence.
Then, look at one of the names..

The official site is now open to people to add their own address/comments via Disqus, having been updated by Eric who seemingly couldn't be bothered to update the site at all for 2016. For those who took part in 2015 and checked the site regularly, you may recall the site disappearing altogether along with the fountain pen forum.

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  1. I sent a letter to Patch Adams after my wife kinda clued me in as to who he was. He kindly responded with a nice letter and a little history of his life! Definitely someone I would take my hat off for what he has done with his life. However, he stated that he didn't know how his name and address got on this list. Being a doctor, and working for such an admirable state of
    health in places that medical help was so lacking for children. I'm surprised he responded with all that his schedule must demand of him. I will cherish his letter and info he included in his letter...and will keep in my prayers for his efforts in helping unfortunate children.