Monday, 14 March 2016

Web bookmarks and such

I think my computer is getting old and has given me a bit of trouble the last couple of weeks. I might need a new one sooner rather than later, so I have been going through some of my bookmarks.

Are Postcards Obsolete? an article from The Washington Post.

An article about Handwriting from The New York Times What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades?

A TEDx talk from Ana Campos of Postcrossing, in Portuguese.

A rather delayed letter arrives 25 years late.

‘Lost’ pen pal letter returned to sender after 40 years - did any of my blog readers here write to anyone called Julie who lived in Weston Coyney in 1974? Julie wrote a letter but it doesn't appear to have reached Cathy (in France) at the beginning of 1975.

Letter-Writing 2.0 from The American Spectator. Tongue-and-cheek!


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