Tuesday, 17 November 2015

First Christmas Card + post boxes.

 Last week, I received my first Christmas Card for 2015 from Canada. The greeting is very apt. I will be sending out more Christmas cards soon (I have posted a few already) and to those who will not get one from me, I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and New Year, may your lives be full of joy and happiness.

Last month, I spent a few days in London. I also took my letter writing supplies and stamps. I did write some letters but I decided not to post them in this wide-mouthed post box by the steps up to Tower Bridge.

Instead, I went to the post office near the National Portrait Gallery and posted them inside. I was also low on airmail labels and some of the small value stamps so stocked up there. The postboxes outside though look very greedy. 

Another place I visited when in London was the Victoria & Albert Museum. I didn't see everything but I was a little disappointed not to see much about letter writing. There was a display of the Tom stamps from Finland but not much else in that theme. This bookcase has a table and I can just imagine myself sitting at it and referring to books to quote from in letters. 

The other week, I bought a book on Writing Antiques. The item in the top is a stationery box with a set of postal scales and weights! I currently use a set of digital scales meant for use in the kitchen.
The bottom item is a portable writing set. My current portable set consists of an Angry Birds Space pencil case full of pens, a plastic freezer bag with ~A5 writing pads in, and an A4 document box with A4 sized paper in. It does me well but doesn't quite have the romance about it compared to this set or a writing slope. 

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