Thursday, 30 January 2014

February is Lettermo/InCoWriMo

February being the shortest month, seems to be home to at least two postal projects - Lettermo (short for A Month of Letters Challenge) and InCoWriMo (short for International Correspondence Writing Month, a take on NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month). The idea is to send an item of post every postal day in the case of the former, and for the latter, to write a letter (or postcard or card) every day in February. 

This is the 3rd year for Lettermo and last year, little achievements were introduced (e.g. sending something internationally, sending an old-style type of letter (think fountain pens and wax seals), and for sending some post even if you can't complete the full challenge). A great idea. 

I think I will be able to complete both challenges, all being well. I think it would be nice to broaden the range of people I write to. 

I think both these projects are great ideas to bring new people into the happy world of snail mail, and the joy of holding words of wisdom & thought from all around the world. 

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