Monday, 2 September 2013


With the quiet August on the postal front, I have been thinking about the stamps I have, the used ones I collected as a child, plus the ones I have received as a consequence of Postcrossing, from penfriends, and other postal niceties.
I haven't gotten round to organising them... Or, what I want to collect now. I think I'll want to concentrate on the themes generally of interest to me.... post boxes, maybe this year's Europa issue of mail "transport", letterwriting, and other hobbies/interests I have.
Maybe also, I should leave some of the stamps on the item on which they were mailed... Look at that gorgeous postmark... I think I'll keep some as covers (but not neccesarily first day covers), especially those containing letters from current correspondents, and those with nice postmarks....
I have found a nice little stamp community Stamp Bears where I have been welcomed even though I am not a "serious" stamp collector (yet).

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