Wednesday, 14 August 2013

To Do....

 Some letters posted recently. Has the summer months slowed down the to-and-fro of correspondence?
 Why is it there is an abundance of Thank You paper in card shops... I'd like to see an abundance of decorative paper without a caption because if you are writing something anyway, wouldn't it be more sincere if the writer wrote "Thank You" instead of a machine printing it?
A to-do list... tasks, errands, correspondence, notes... Guess which one I'd like to have "full"!
I could do with drawing up a to-do list for subjects to cover in this blog... I've done address books.... what else is there to muse upon?


  1. I think letter writing slows down a little bit because many people take vacation/holidays during the summer months, and those with children at home can find it a little challenging to get in letter time. Many printed Thank You notes here in the US are blank inside in order to compose a message of your own, thought I would love to see more boxed stationery available in the store like I found in the old days. (1960's & 1970's)

    1. My mother also thought summer holidays were a factor in fewer letters... yet I can be in a writing mood, especially now I have my bureau!