Tuesday, 26 June 2012

More from Omegle

Omegle  is a site allowing you to talk (text or video) to a stranger. You can pose questions and watch the text conversation about it from two strangers. Here are some chats I watched.

The question I asked was, "When was the last time you wrote and posted a letter (not an email) to someone?"

Stranger 2: honestly
Stranger 2: never
Stranger 1: hmm
Stranger 1: tbh once?
Stranger 2: do holiday cards count ?
Stranger 1: sure
Stranger 2: then yes
Stranger 2: loads
Stranger 2: i thought like as a normal info letter
Stranger 2: you wouldnt give someone a birthday email unless you really hated them
Stranger 1: indeed if it's personal than you should write it
Stranger 1: right?
Stranger 2: true
Stranger 2: if its an email, it just says no effort whatsoever
Stranger 2: there is no love in elecronics
Stranger 2: lol
Stranger 1: but a post card from a foreign country, that's class
Stranger 2: When i was 9
Stranger 1: a year ago
Stranger 2: :(
Stranger 1: why sad face?
Stranger 2: Cause i lost contact after that.
Stranger 1: someone important?
Stranger 2: VERY.
Stranger 2: My best friend Jessica.
Stranger 1: ouch. why not email or facebook or something
Stranger 2: I dont really know...
Stranger 1: friendship never lasts
Stranger 1: yesterday.
Stranger 2: To the government about my vat and tax or something.
Stranger 2: Like, months ago.
Stranger 1: Wrote one and put it on my fathers grave.
Stranger 1: It's not exactly posting.
Stranger 2: You must be Forrest Gump's kid.
Stranger 1: Yes. Make fun of me and my deceased father.
Stranger 1: You're so funny
Stranger 1: You should be a comedian.
Stranger 1: Who writes your jokes for you?
Stranger 2: Woah man, That movie was the shit. It reminds me of it a lot.
I cut the end off the last conversation... It was sad to see someone take the mickey out of someone else who'd only just lost their father....
Stranger 1: 3 days ago :D
Stranger 1: I love snail mail
That's what I like to hear!

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  1. when I was teenager I was sending letters a lot
    now only postcards
    but anyways I love receiving letter, finding something waiting for me in my mail box :)