Monday, 4 June 2012

Long Bank Holidays

For the corrsepondence fan, long bank holidays are tough.  After Saturday's delivery, no post will come until Tuesday, or in this case for the Diamond Jubilee, Wednesday. This is particularly hard for me because now I  await letters to reply to. I still have a letter to finish but by not completing the letter, there is a chance I will have something else to say. I am also in the middle of a surprise letter to some who participated in A Month of Letters Challenge in February.

Perhaps I should be making the most of not having letters to reply to, and instead, spending quality time with my family, playing board game, having fun, making muffins and maybe even writing a blog entry or two. I am looking forward to Tuesday night, when I could request Postcrossing addresses and write the postcards ready for Wednesday's collection. And by lunchtime Wednesday, I may even have some letters to read and reply to.

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